Paraguay Flag Colors

Paraguay Flag Color Codes in HTML Hex, RGB, CMYK & Pantone

The Paraguay flag has three horizontal stripes of redwhite, and blue with the national coat of arms on the center. Use these Paraguay flag color codes if you need their national flag colors for your digital designs, paint, or printing projects. Check out this link for the rest of the South American Flag Colors.

Get Paraguay flag color code values in standard and popular color code formats (HEX / HTML / Web, RGB, CMYK, Pantone)

Paraguay Flag Color Codes
Flag of Paraguay

Paraguay Flag Color Names & Codes


Red - D52B1E
  • Hex: #D52B1E
  • RGB: 213,43,30
  • CMYK: 0,67,72,16
  • Pantone: PMS 485 C
  • RAL: 3028


White - FFFFFF
  • Hex: #FFFFFF
  • RGB: 255,255,255
  • CMYK: 0,0,0,0
  • Pantone: PMS White C
  • RAL: 9010


Blue - 0038A8
  • Hex: #0038A8
  • RGB: 0,56,168
  • CMYK: 66,44,0,34
  • Pantone: PMS 286 C
  • RAL: 5002


Black - 000000
  • Hex: #000000
  • RGB: 0,0,0
  • CMYK: 0,0,0,0
  • Pantone: PMS Black C
  • RAL: 9005


Green - 009A3A
  • Hex: #009A3A
  • RGB: 0,154,58
  • CMYK: 100,0,62,40
  • Pantone: PMS 355 C
  • RAL: 6037


Yellow - FEDF00
  • Hex: #FEDF00
  • RGB: 254,223,0
  • CMYK: 0,12,100,0
  • Pantone: PMS 803 C
  • RAL: 1016

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Did You Know?
The flag of Paraguay is the world’s only two-sided flag. The colors are the same on both sides, but the emblems in the middle of the flag are different. On the front is the coat of arms of Paraguay, and on the back is the seal of the government treasury department.

Paraguay Flag Colors Palette Image

Paraguay Flag Color Codes

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Paraguay Flag Colors Meaning

The national flag of Paraguay has two similar but different designs on the front and back sides. Both sides have a horizontal triband of redwhite, and blue colors.

The front side of the flag has the national coat of arms in the center, and on the backside, there is the seal of the treasury. The Coat of Arms (Star of May) has a yellow five-pointed star, palm wreath, and olive leaves tied with ribbons in its design to represent Paraguay’s Independence.

  • Red: It represents patriotism and bravery.
  • White: It represents purity, peace, and equality.
  • Blue: It represents freedom.
  • Star of May: It is an emblem of Independence.

What is Paraguay famous for?

Paraguay is famous for many things, including its traditional cuisine, rich history, and diverse culture.

What is special about Paraguay’s flag?

The national flag of Paraguay has two similar but different designs on the front and back sides. Both sides have a horizontal triband of red, white, and blue colors.

What is a popular food in Paraguay?

The most popular foods in Paraguay are rice and beans. This dish is considered the national dish of Paraguay, and people have it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, depending on their preferences.